Slow PS5 Download Speed? (Increase it Now, Just 1 Quick Trick)

Are you just facing a slow PS5 download speed? You are not alone, a lot of people including me, have ever faced this issue or are still facing it! For those people, I’m going to explain how to increase PS5 download speed if it is slow. 

There are hundreds of thousands of games that could be played on PS5, and some of them need to be downloaded to get the best experience. Think about it, you just want to download a game on your PS5 and it is stuck or taking too much time, what would be your reaction? Obviously, you will be disappointed, why not, which game should be downloaded in minutes is talking hours.

Cheer up, now this problem will not bother you because I am going to tell you why this irritating thing happens, and how to increase PS5 download speed- if somehow it is very slow.

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Why is my PS5 Download Speed Slow?

Most often, a slow PS5 download speed could be seen due to the Console’s Wi-Fi network being set to 2.4GHz instead of 5GHz. So, generally, when you change this, the speed could be dramatically increased or you can say it could be almost double. This is a quick trick that has worked for many PS5 users, however, there could be many more dramatic causes to slow down your download speed like- outdated firmware, and obviously your subscription plan that includes a speed limit! 

Not only an outdated firmware or your subscription plan but if you have put your console far far away from your router, it also can slow down the speed of downloads. 

Are there many people connected to the same router? If there are many devices connected to the single router, it can produce extra load on the download speed, and hence the speed can slow down. 

Don’t overthink the causes, let’s see what you can do to boost up your PS5 download speed! Don’t worry, it wouldn’t be difficult to increase your PS5 download speed, just dive right in with me! 

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How to Increase PS5 Download Speed?

How to Increase PS5 Download Speed
How to Increase PS5 Download Speed if it is very Slow?

There is no particular order to boost up your PS5 download speed, but these are some very easy tasks that you can perform! Let’s see them, and also do, them one by one!

Disconnect and Reconnect

It would sound non-techy, but yes, it can help in boosting the speed of the downloads. When you disconnect and reconnect your PS5 to your internet, it establishes the connection again that starts from fresh, and hence, it helps to increase the speed of whatever your download. 

So the first non-technical step that should be done is to disconnect and reconnect your console to the internet.

Restart Your Router

Again a non-techy step, but it also does great things as the first one. It also establishes a new connection that starts from fresh, and hence, once again, you can get a boost in downloading speed.  

So, just restart your router and connect your PS5 to your internet from fresh and see if there is any change in the download speed or not.

Change DNS Settings

To boost up your PS5 download speed, you can change the DNS servers to the best public servers such as Cloudflare or Google which generally works.

Here’re the steps:

  • Open Settings > Network > Settings > Set Up Internet Connection.
Set Up Internet Connection
  • Next, select your registered and connected network and then tap on the Advanced Settings option.
Tap on Advanced Settings
  • Under DNS Settings, switch Manual from Automatic.
Switch DNS settings to manual
  • Once you select the manual option, the next window will open with the option to change the primary and secondary DNS servers. Under primary DNS, enter, and under secondary, enter (These are Google’s public DNS servers, if you want to use CloudFlare’s servers, put as primary and then as secondary.)
  • Once you change the Servers, select the OK button.
Set primary and secondary DNS servers

Once all done! Check whether the download speed has changed any improvement or not.

Use a Wired Connection Instead Of Wi-Fi 

It is tested and proven that a wired connection always produces good speed than WiFi. So, if your download speed is laggy, and you are on WiFi, then I would suggest you- use a LAN cable. 

LAN cable directly connects your console to your router and hence it boosts the strength of the internet signal that boosts the download speed. So, if possible, use a LAN instead of Wi-Fi. 

Put Your Console Closer To the Router

Is your console too far from your router? 

The farther your console is from the router, the weaker the internet signal strength. So, if your router is placed far from your console and you are on a Wi-fi connection then, keep both devices close so that internet signal strength could boost up.  

Once, both devices are closer, you will undoubtedly see a change in the download speed- it will increase obviously. 

Power Cycle Your Router

This helps to increase the signal strength, but before power cycling your router, you can alternatively try to reset it. Just power off the router from the main power source (The power outlet), now when it turns off, press and hold the power button on your router for 20 seconds. Now, turn On the router and see if this increases the speed or not. 

Despite this, you can fully unplug your router (From the main board and the router itself). Allow some time so that the router could be cool down. After waiting 4 to 5 minutes, re-plug all the cables and wires and then turn On the router. 

Use Rest Mode

PS5 provides a Rest mode generally for downloading any big file game. When you put your console in rest mode, the other background program gets paused, hence the download speed would increase. 

I personally, download any big file game by using this method, and ‘Yes’, it does work for me!

So, if you are downloading a game that is big in terms of size, use the rest mode feature. To do this: press the PS button on your DualSense controller, and then scroll to view the power options. Next, select Enter rest mode. But, do not unplug the AC power cord, it can cause damage or data corruption.

Upgrade Your Plan

Are you on a lower internet plan?

If you are on a lower plan which includes a speed limit, then your PS5 download speed could be slow. So, now you should understand- it’s time to upgrade your plan if you want a good speed that can boost your downloads, and of course- online playing too.

Contact your ISP and upgrade your plan!

Update Your Router’s Firmware

If you already have a high-speed plan but still facing speed issues when you’re going to download any game on your PS5, then, check for your router’s firmware. Maybe, it needs an update.

You can call your ISP agent to do this or you can do this by yourself too- by scanning the manual, but do this carefully!

Here is a video that will help you if you have a Netgear router.

Video- YourSixStudios

Connect To 5GHz instead of 2.4GHz

To increase your PS5 download speed, connect your Wi-Fi network to 5GHz instead of 2.4GHz. Changing this setting can massively affect the downloading speed (generally, it boosts the speed). 

Here is how you can connect your PS5 to the 5GHz.

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Bottom Lines

A slow download speed on your PS5 could be a result of your laggy internet, a hardware issue such as with your router, a software issue such as an outdated firmware of your router, or if there is several downloads are taking place at once. 

But, don’t worry, speed could be increased by doing some very simple tasks that I have already mentioned in this guide.

Have you tried all?

Tell me which helped you to boost your PS5 download speed. Also, if you have found any other way, tell me that! Till then, enjoy your gaming, thanks!

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