Game Provo is the brainchild of Dheeraj, and Mike has lately joined as a content contributor. He is also as passionate as I (Dheeraj) to share his gaming journey through his content.

Both I and Mike believe in helping more and more people through the experience that we have gained, and the problem that we have faced during our gaming journey. Both have excellent Tech knowledge that makes things easy to understand.

The gaming industry is growing very fast having a large occupancy worldwide! I, as a game lover, have played various games and used various gaming platforms, and I still, love to play games on daily basis. During this journey, I faced a lot of problems playing various games.

These problems were the motivation for me to share my experience with the world so that no more people face that issues.

Not only in the past but still there are many such error codes and issues which game lovers usually come across. So, I have introduced this website having believed that this will help people to make their gaming experience hurdle-free!

Why Should You Trust Me?

I love playing online and offline games, both! I have been playing games for years.

Besides having game enthusiasm, I have a good experience in Tech. I have worked as a techy for various companies and spent 12 years. This experience helped me with the tech part of any game, and based on this experience, I can easily understand the mechanism behind any problem and issues that appear during gaming.

There are a lot of challenges. With my experience and your try, let’s deal with these challenges and make your gaming experience awesome!

If there is any particular topic that you want me to cover, I would be grateful to hear from you. Kindly reach out to me at

Thanks for your precious time!