Nintendo Switch Has No Sound When Docked To A TV? (5 Quick Fixes)

This seemed a very common problem as four of my friends came to me with the same issue within a week! They all were facing the same subject ‘Nintendo Switch Has No Sound When Docked To A TV’. 

Without sound, the gaming experience can’t be possible to enjoy! Sounds make you feel the game like you hear sounds of shooting, moving, changing guns, etc. If issues with the audio arise, it can be a real drag for anyone. 

If your Nintendo Switch has no sound when it is docked to a TV, there could be various software or hardware malfunctions. Luckily, as a quick solution to fix this issue, you can try adjusting a few system settings, changing your HDMI cable, and updating software. But first, make sure your TV volume is up!

Well, the quick solution steps helped many users but there are several users who have fixed the problem by doing some other things! Ao, if you are already in trouble and searching for more explanation on the issue- ‘Nintendo Switch Has No Sound When Docked To A TV’, then I will explain all things that will help you to get back your console with the sound. 

So, let’s start with the causes first and know why this issue appears, then after that, we will see the ways that will help you to get rid of the sound issue with your Switch permanently! 

Why is my Nintendo Switch muted or has No Sound When it is Docked To the TV? 

How to Fix Nintendo Switch Has No Sound When Docked To A TV?
How to Fix Nintendo Switch Has No Sound When Docked To A TV?

Including your TV volume, there could be several reasons why your Nintendo Switch has no sound when docked to a TV or the Console’s sound isn’t working. Let’s see them all because this will make the troubleshooting process easy. 

Your TV Volume Is Mute or Down

Take it as the very first suggestion before proceeding with further steps. Make sure when docked to a TV, the TV volume is not down or muted otherwise, you will not hear any kind of sound while playing.

Press the volume button on your TV remote to increase it. 

HDMI Cable

Lousy HDMI cable could be loose or defective which could cause connection problems hence the sound issue with your Switch may arise. Also, a defective HDMI port could also be a cause. So, make sure the cable is connected tight and no defect is in the cable or the port too. 

You can unplug the HDMI cable and reinsert it to see if it helps. 

Software Problem

Another cause of having sound issues with your Nintendo Switch is software. Like other consoles, Nintendo Switch may freeze or lag during use, causing errors such as loss of sound. But there is a good part of this console that it quickly fixes the sound problem once you perform a simple reset to get the system back on its toes.

Hardware Issue

Hardware and software play crucial roles in making your Switch bug or issue-free. If your console is facing any hardware problems, there could be many issues, such as lines on the screen, buzzing noise, a blue screen of death, or muted sound. 

Most hardware problems occur when your Switch is dropped on a hard surface or a heavy object is accidentally placed on top of it. Sometimes some hardware problems occur on their own over time. While some can happen when you use any other peripherals. 

Bluetooth Headphones

Now you must be wondering how headphones can cause problems. If you generally use your headphones during your gaming, the headphone might be connected even when your console is docked to a TV. If this happens, the console will send sound to your headphone and you will experience no sound on your TV.

So, these were the possible causes that can cause sound problems when your Switch is docked to a TV. Now, let’s move forward to know whether this issue could be solved or not. 

How to Fix the No Sound Issue with Your Nintendo Switch when It Docked to A TV?

Let’s go through the solutions to restore sound to your Switch.

1- Check Settings

2- Check For Updates

3- Disconnect Bluetooth

4- Switch the Game

5- Contact Support

Check System Settings

Before going to check the system settings, make sure that the TV volume is up and not muted. 

Check if the ‘Mute When Headphones are Disconnected’ option is enabled or not. When headphones are disconnected, the default setting of your console might be mute. So, disable the ‘Mute When Headphones are Disconnected’ option if you disconnected your headphones. 

Here are the steps to do this:

  • From the home screen, select System Settings.
  • Now, scroll down and select System.
  • Next, move to the right and disable the ‘Mute When Headphones are Disconnected’ option.
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After disabling the option ‘Mute When Headphones are Disconnected’, the issue should be shorted out! If not, try the next!

Check For Updates

The console automatically downloads and updates to its latest version when it connects to a network and finds a newer version is launched. Installing the latest version may be a handy method to resolve sound issues with your Switch. Sometimes, sound issues could be just because of a minor bug, and installing a newer and bug-free version may fix the problem. 

To update your Switch manually- from the home screen, select the System Settings option and then select System. Next, select System Update.

Once the system is updated, it will reboot. If not, you can restart the system by yourself. Press and hold the power button and restart it to see if the sound is back or not. 

Disconnect Bluetooth

This should be remembered that when you docked your console to your TV, disconnect Bluetooth headphones successfully so that sound can be heard on your TV. If your headphones are still connected, the sound will not come. 

Change The Game

Sometimes, the glitch could be from the game that you are playing. To check, you can switch to a new game. 

Sometimes, games themselves have glitches and bugs and require a proper solution or to be updated. This is why you may face sound issues with that particular game. 

Contact Nintendo Support

If your Nintendo Switch has no sound when docked to a TV, and you have performed all the steps mentioned above to deal with this issue but, you have no luck, you can visit your nearest Nintendo Switch store to get it repaired. 

To contact Nintendo, visit this link. If your Switch is under warranty, you will be glad that the repair will not cost any money to you. 

Nintendo Switch TV Sound Settings (How to Adjust)

To adjust sound settings on your TV when it is connected to your Nintendo Switch, you can go with these simple steps:

  • From the Nintendo Switch Home screen, select System Settings.
  • Now, select TV Settings from the menu by scrolling down.
  • From the TV settings menu, select the TV Sound option.
  • You will see three audio preferences, select your preferred setting from the list. These are the options:
  1. Surround Sound
  2. Stereo
  3. Mono

Set your settings and enjoy your gaming!

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