Nintendo Switch Lite Water Damage? (Quick Fixes) in 2023

Have you or your kid dropped the Nintendo Switch lite in the water and you don’t know what to do further?  No need to panic, Nintendo Switch Lite water damage could be easily dealt with.

This mishappening can be with anyone since the Nintendo Switch is not waterproof and if it dropped into the water or water is spilled on it, there could be a big problem. 

So, when it happens, there are some very careful steps that you should do first before going for any other activities.

Let’s see these activities that you should perform first before making any big decision to deal with the water damage or go to pay for the repair.

Take These Quick Steps when your Nintendo Switch Lite dropped into Water

Nintendo Switch Lite Water Damage
Nintendo Switch Lite Water Damage No Charge

If your Switch has been dropped into the water or the water is spilled out on it, both scenarios can cause huge damage to the Switch: if you do not take serious action to handle it immediately. And if your Switch is not waterproof, you really need to be careful of this. 

If you have dropped your Nintendo Switch Lite console into the water or by any means, water has entered your console, the very first thing that you must do is to turn the console off. Why I am saying this is because the water is a very good conductor of electricity and as the water flows through your Switch, the electricity will also flow and hence many components internally can be damaged. 

So firstly, turn your console Off and then avoid moving your console, as doing this can boost the water flow throughout the console, and again more components could be harmed or damaged.

Don’t use a microwave oven or dryer to dry your device because this could damage other parts of your console. Instead, you can do the steps that are mentioned below! 

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Can I repair my Nintendo Switch Lite if it is water damaged?

Well, it totally depends upon the severity of the issue… For example- if the water has totally drowned the console, there are many chances that many components are damaged and sometimes, they could be repaired while sometimes, they need to be replaced. 

While if the water hasn’t entered your console widely, there is a lot of chance that you can repair your Switch easily.

But, don’t take tension, I will guide you through this issue and you would fix your Switch from water damage and get it back working again.

How to fix If Your Nintendo Switch Lite is Dropped into the water?

How to fix Nintendo Switch Lite Water Damage
How to fix Nintendo Switch Lite Water Damage?

First, if anyhow your Switch has dropped into the water, take it from the water immediately and don’t move it or tilt it so that it can prevent flooding the water throughout the console. Now, let it air dry properly, and don’t use a microwave oven or dryer to boost up the process otherwise you can damage other components of your Switch. Just follow the below-mentioned process! 

Turn Off Your Switch

Immediately after taking out your Switch from the water, turn it off so that water cannot harm the other parts of the Switch. Electricity flows throughout the console and water can create a shock that can lead to much harm.

Other than turning off the Switch, don’t press any other buttons. 

Clean The Switch Properly

After turning off your Switch, keep a dry and clean cotton cloth to clean the switch properly. Don’t rub the cloth hard, keep cleaning gently. 

Detach the parts from the switch as possibly you can and clean all of them too with the dry cotton cloth.

If possible, unscrew the switch and clean all the internal components handsomely so that water cannot harm those parts.

Let it Dry

Once you clean your whole console including the internal components, let your console dry in the open air. Don’t put it in a moisture area such as under a drawer, or any corner of your room. Put your console in an open area or in sunlight so that it can dry properly. If proper sunlight is not available at the time, you can use a small room with a dehumidifier running overnight, or longer. 

The drying process can take days and once all the components are dried properly, assemble them all and put your console on charging. Once the console is charged sufficiently, turn it On. 

If your Switch is not charging, there might be a chance that Internal components are harmed. But don’t worry, you still have a chance to fix your console. Let’s repair your Switch! 

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How To Repair A Water Damaged Nintendo Switch Lite Which is Not Charging?

Well, if you have tried all that you can but your Switch isn’t charging or turning On, then it might be due to internal damage that is caused by the water. The water that was entered into your Switch can cause circuit damage due to that, the current won’t run throughout the console, and as a result, your console won’t turn On. From this point, you will need to repair your console. 

Repairing a water damaged Nintendo Switch Lite required good technical skills. If you have, you can go ahead with this guide and if you don’t, go for a repair of your Switch by a professional. You can visit your nearby repair shop and get your Console repaired by paying a short amount. 

Below I have mentioned how much a water-damaged Nintendo switch could cost, or if it would be covered under warranty or not; if your Switch is under warranty! 

Well, if you have some technical knowledge and want to repair your Switch which is not charging after water damage then go ahead with the steps that are mentioned below.

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Steps To Repair A Water-Damaged Nintendo Switch Lite

  • Unscrew the Switch and remove the battery cable (internal cable). 
  • A number of blue patches will be clearly seen if the Switch is damaged by water. 
  • Detach all the components handsomely from the board and pull the board out from the console clearly without any other harm.
  • Now, detach the speakers from the board and clean the board (Nasty Blue spots) with IPA until all the blue spots are clear. 
  • After clearing the board properly, connect the battery to it to check if it is charging or not. If it starts changing, then connect all the components handsomely and then pack the console and tighten the screws nicely.
  • Charge the console and turn it On. Start using the keys and see if all things are working OK or not.
  • If the Console refuses to charge, it might be due to a faulty battery, or any other components that are burnt or damaged completely. In this situation, you can replace the board with a new one or you just replace the battery to check if it is the battery only l which is not working or is damaged completely.

The below video guide will help you better to understand the case and repair your Switch.

Video Credit- RetroSix

I hope you have fixed the Nintendo Switch Lite water damage permanently. If not, then go for a repair at your nearest repair shop. If your Switch is under warranty, then let’s see if will it be covered or not.

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If Nintendo Switch is dropped into water, would it be covered under warranty?

According to Nintendo, water damage is not covered under warranty due to the cost issue. So, if your Switch is dropped into the water, you only have the option to fix it by yourself or by a professional repairman. 

Now, let’s know how much a repair costs if you go for it by a professional repairman.

Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite Water Damage Repair Cost 

The Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite water damage repair cost depends upon the severity of the problem. Sometimes, water damage could be repairable but sometimes, it doesn’t. Sometimes, you just need to change a single component while sometimes, you may need to change the whole board, keys, screen, battery, and all the parts of your console. 

That’s the reason why Nintendo doesn’t cover water damage under the warranty, because the repair cost may exceed the actual cost of the whole console. 

So purchasing a new console would be better than repairing it, in this situation. 

So the water damage repair cost of Nintendo Switch could start from the minimum repair cost and end at the cost of a new Switch or more than it.

I hope this guide helped you with your issue and if this finds good to you, share it with others. Thanks!

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