How To Change DNS Settings On Nintendo Switch? (4 Steps!)

Are you encountering DNS issues and don’t know how to change DNS settings on Nintendo Switch? Nothing to worry about! This guide will make this easy, and you will likely fix the connection problem by changing the DNS settings. 

I’ve been playing games on Nintendo Switch for years, and several times, during this gaming experience, it happened that I needed to change the DNS settings so that the problems could be solved. 

I’m sure that you also want to change the DNS on your Nintendo Switch- if you are reading this post. 

Default DNS settings let your console connect to the available hotspot or Wi-Fi automatically, but you can also change the settings manually whenever you need to use a different set of servers. 

But do you know- when do you do this?

Let’s see by driving right in! 

When Do You Need To Change Your Nintendo Switch’s Default DNS Settings?

When Do You Need To Change Your Nintendo Switch's Default DNS Settings
When Do You Need To Change Your Nintendo Switch’s Default DNS Settings?

Well, I think you would know the answer to this question, because if you are willing to do this then definitely you are facing some issues that are related to the default DNS settings or connection. 

Nintendo Switch has many errors, and connection errors such as 2810-1006 are very common. The good news is that the connection errors could easily be fixed by changing the DNS settings.

So, if you are facing any connection error and have tried various things to fix it but all are useless, then you might try changing the DNS settings. 

Now, the question is how, how can you change your Nintendo Switch DNS settings so that you can get rid of a connection problem. Well, for that, I have mentioned the steps below, you just have to check them and follow them as they are mentioned. 

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How To Change DNS Settings On Nintendo Switch?

How To Change DNS Settings On Nintendo Switch
How To Change DNS Settings On Nintendo Switch?

To change the default DNS settings on your Nintendo Switch console, just press the home button and go to System Settings. From the settings dashboard, select Internet and then select Internet Settings. Now, press the ‘A’ button and then select Change Settings. Scroll down and select DNS Settings. Select Manual, go to the primary DNS, enter your preferred DNS server, and then press OK. As with this, go to the secondary DNS and enter your DNS server then press OK. 

Let’s understand the whole process step-by-step.

1. First, access the Home Menu.

2. Select Internet Settings.

3. Change DNS Settings.

4. Enter your Own DNS Servers.

Home Menu

Accessing Home Menu is quite easy, you just have to press the button below the right analog stick. On the button, you can clearly see the house button. 

The Internet Settings

Once you access the Home Menu, then you have to select the internet settings. From the Home Menu, navigate to the Settings icon and then go to the internet and then select Internet Settings.  

Now, the console will start searching for the network, and this may take a few seconds. 

The DNS Settings

Once the search for the networks is completed, you will see a list. From the list, select your network by pressing the ‘A’ button. After selecting your network, select Change Settings and scroll down then select DNS Settings. 

Enter Your DNS Servers

Once you have selected the DNS Settings, you should select manual from here. After selecting the Manual option, go to the primary DNS and then enter your DNS server, and press ‘OK’. In the same way, go to the secondary DNS and enter your DNS server here too then press OK again. 

Also, if you want to change the DNS server to Google’s DNS then, you can enter for Primary and for Secondary servers.

That’s all! 

You have successfully changed the default DNS settings of your Nintendo Switch. If you were troubleshooting a connection problem, you should check the result, after changing the servers. 

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Is it safe to change the DNS settings on Nintendo Switch?

Now, like many users, you could also have a common question that is- is it safe to change the DNS settings on your Switch? If this is your question, then Yes, changing your Nintendo Switch DNS settings is hundred percent safe- if you are changing it to the trusted DNS servers.

Does changing DNS Settings fix the connection problem?

Yes, it has a great possibility but, it totally depends upon the nature of the connectivity problem. For example- if the connectivity problem is due to the DNS servers, then Yes, changing the servers to another trusted server may solve the problem.

Does Changing DNS Settings Solve the Nintendo Switch DNS Error 2137-8006?

Video Credit- @Moe-Gaming on YouTube

As the error code stated ‘DNS Error’, yes, if this error is appearing to you, changing your Switch’s DNS servers to Google’s DNS servers may solve the error. Change the Switch’s Primary and Secondary servers with Google’s Primary and Secondary servers which are- and

However, the error code is a connection error hence it may also be the result of a slow internet connection, wireless interference, or a weak wireless signal from the router. So, before changing the DNS, you should troubleshoot these things first.

Bottom Lines

Connectivity problems are mush often while you are playing games either on Nintendo Switch or any other console. Sometimes, changing DNS settings could prove a boon in fixing connection problems.  

I would always suggest changing the DNS servers only when you required it, and would also tell you- always to change the DNS server to a trusted server.

The steps are very easy, you just have to follow the 4 steps:

  1. Accessing the Home Menu.
  1. Selecting the Internet Settings.
  1. Selecting the DNS Settings.
  1. Entering your preferred DNS Servers.

That’s all! 

I hope this guide has cleared your many doubts such as how to change your Nintendo Switch’s DNS settings, whether is it safe to do, and many more! This is all for today!

As always- enjoy your gaming, thanks!

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