PS5 Controller D-Pad Not Working (DualSense)? Proven Ways To Fix!

In this guide, I will show you how to fix your PS5 Controller D-Pad not working issue (DualSense). This problem could happen to anyone, but the problem is not big to solve: it is very easy to deal with this issue. How? I will show you right just in this simple guide.

The steps will also apply to the DualShock 4 controllers as well. So, if you have this controller, and the problem is the same, then you can fix it without going to any other webpage.

So, without taking much time, let’s jump to the solutions!

PS5 Controller D-Pad Not Working (Solutions)

PS5 Controller D-Pad Not Working

First of all, this would be the suggestion to reboot your PS5 as this has worked for many users. If this failed then you can follow these below-mentioned ways:

Hold The PS and Touchpad Buttons

The very first method that you can try to fix the issue is holding the PS and the touchpad buttons for a few seconds. If this doesn’t work, press the PS and touchpad buttons until you hear two beeps

This should fix the problem. 

Apply Some Force on The Button

This might seem annoying but for many users, this helped. On Reddit, several users confirmed that when they pressed the D-pad button a little hard, it started working again. 

Remember to apply a little force, and don’t press the button too hard, otherwise, the button may damage permanently. 

Reset Your PS5 DualSense Controller

First of all, turn off your Playstation completely before going to reset your PS DualSense controller.

Turn your controller and look for a small hole on its backside (Next to the Sony Logo as shown in the screenshot.) 

Reset button PS5 controller

Insert a pin of the same size or you can also use a paperclip of the same size and hold the button for at least 5 seconds. Release the pin and turn On your PS5. Now, connect the controller using a USB-C cable, and then press the PS button.

You can also find a video guide that is embedded below to make the process of resetting your controller easy. 

Video Credit- @YourSixStudios on YouTube

Bottom Lines

If your PS5 Controller DualSense D-Pad is not working then first check closely if any obstruction is preventing the button to press. After that, press and hold PS and Touchpad buttons. If it is still not working then, apply some extra force on the button or reset the controller. 

If nothing has worked then might be your Controller has some physical damage that will need repair or replacement.

I hope the issue would have been resolved and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me. 

Till then, enjoy your gaming, Thanks!

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