Fix: PS5 Mic Not Working Issue (Quick Trick!)

In this guide, I’m going through the solutions for the issue of the ‘PS5 mic not working’. If you are facing this problem, you will get how to fix it here.

Without a mic, I can’t assume a good gaming experience because it may affect gaming and many other social aspects that PS5 offers. 

I found some very common causes due to which your PS5 mic may stop working. Here you can find them- 

If your PS5 mic is not working then this could be mainly if there is a misconfigured console setting or there is a wrong audio output device selection. Another possible cause could be a faulty microphone or the output jack. 

How to Fix PS5 Mic Not Working
How to Fix PS5 Mic Not Working?

Some players have mentioned that they faced this issue when they were in the game. Rather than this, when they just tested the sensitivity, they found that the mic was working fine. So, the issue ‘PS5 mic not working’ could also be with a single game. 

Whatever the case is with you, you will be able to fix this issue at the end of this blog! 

But, before going for the fix, I will ask you one question – have you set your microphone properly? If yes, then you can move to the solutions segment, but if you have doubts, let’s first know how to set your microphone properly so that no issue would have to face. 

So, without wasting time, let’s dive right in!

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How to set the microphone of your PS5 headset?

How to set the microphone of your PS5 headset?
How to set the microphone of your PS5 headset?

Do you want to make it simple? Well, I will ask you to do only three steps: first- set up the microphone of the headset, second- activate the microphone of the controller, and third- adjust the microphone settings: that’s it! 

Would you love to hear it more clearly? Let’s go then! 

Set Up the Microphone Of Your Headset

To set up the microphone of your headset, you have to select it as the input device. To do this, you have to follow these steps:

  • Go to the main menu of your console and then click on the gearwheel icon to go to the ‘Sound’ and then ‘Microphone’ options.
  • Now, select the Controller microphone for the input device and change the status to the ‘Mute’ of the ‘Microphone Status When Logged in’ by using the drop-down menu. 
  • Once it is done, select your gaming headset for ‘Input Device’ and now, you are ready to chat with your teammates or friends.

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Activate the Microphone

So, you’ve set up your headset’s microphone, but have you activated it? Here is how you can activate the microphone of your controller:

  • From the main menu of your console, select the gearwheel icon and go to ‘Sound’, and then the ‘Microphone’ option.
  • Next, select the controller microphone for ‘Input Device’, and now, change the status to ‘On’.

From now on, you would be able to talk to your teammates via the microphone of your controller.

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Adjust The Microphone Settings

Do you want to adjust the settings of the microphone? Once you have set up and activated the microphone, you can easily adjust the settings. Here is how:

Go to Settings > Sound > Audio Output. By using the option- ‘Adjust Microphone Level’, you can change the transmission volume of your microphone. By doing this, you can make yourself clearly understandable to others. Using the ‘Sidetone Volume’, you can adjust how loudly you hear yourself. 

Still want to make some changes, like- do you want to change the transmission volume in the middle of a game? Well, to do this, press and hold the PlayStation button on your controller and then, select ‘Mic’ and turn the volume up or down according to you.

Well, if you have done all the settings properly, your mic should work perfectly but, if somehow, your PS5 mic is not working then, below are some ways that you can try to fix this problem! 

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How do I fix it If PS5 Mic is Not Working?

To fix issues with your PS5 mic- you can change your output device, adjust the microphone level, or you also can prioritize party or game chat. If these settings don’t make any changes then- power reset everything, check your internet connection, install any pending updates, or check for any hardware issues such as problems with the jack or the faulty microphone. 

To change the output device and adjust microphone settings and prioritize party or game, I already have mentioned the steps above.

From here, let me explain the other things widely!

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Power Reset Everything

First of all, turn off everything and unplug all the cables and wires properly. Once it is done, wait a minute and then plug or attach the wires that were disconnected, and turn everything back On.

Sometimes, the issue could be just because of the corrupted cache files that would be cleared when you do a whole power reset of your devices. 

Check Internet Connection

If your mic is connecting and disconnecting frequently then might be your internet connection is laggy. Check your internet and power cycle your router so that a fresh connection could be established.

You can also check if your router’s firmware needs to be updated. Once your internet connection is troubleshot, the problem will resolve.

Check if your Console’s Firmware needs to be Updated

If you are running into an older version of your console, the peripheral devices may face issues in connecting. Hence, if you are facing a Mic issue, you may check your console’s firmware and if it has any update, install it and ensure that the problem has been fixed or not.

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Check for Hardware Issues

Have you tried all the above ways, but you are facing issues with your Mic? Well, don’t worry! Check your hardware such as the headset Jack, or the mic itself. Maybe, these are problematic. 

Here is a video guide that will teach you how to fix a headphone jack on your PS5 without opening it:

Video- YourSixStudios

Another video is embedded to explain to you how to fix- if your PS5 mic is not working:

Video- YourSixStudios

I hope, now the problem is not there and you are enjoying your game with a working mic! If you still have any kind of issues, you can contact PlayStation support for repair or replacement. 

As always, enjoy your gaming! Thanks!

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